Areas of activity

Concrete elements assembly

Concrete elements assembly

Assembly work of reinforced concrete elements, including joint casting.

The team of Maru Betoonitööd offers the following construction services:

  • foundations
  • formwork, reinforcement and concrete casting of cast-in-situ constructions: walls, ceilings, posts and staircases
  • assembly work of reinforced concrete elements, including joint casting
  • construction of concrete floors

The team at Maru Betoonitööd has built various concrete structures, both underground and those reaching the highest heights, from the large and functional to the sculptural and rich in detail.

Thanks to the correct working methods, technology and resource planning in use, Maru Betoonitööd guarantees that our concrete and assembly work will be of the highest quality, finished on time, and conforming to all work safety requirements.

Work is carried out by Maru Betoonitööd OÜ

Maru Betoonitööd OÜ

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