Areas of activity

Construction work

Maru Ehitus –  an experienced and reliable partner for design and construction

Maru Ehitus is a subsidiary of the MARU holding company established in 1991. Our goal is to provide high-quality services that meet our clients’ expectations. Our expertise includes general contracting, project management and design services. We have a long-term experience in design and construction of different types of buildings and structures throughout Estonia and Europe.

Maru Ehitus AS areas of activity

    In case of general contracting, we guarantee high quality of work and on-time execution. We take responsibility for completing the project at the contracted price.
    In case of a contract for design and build contracting, we also execute the design work, based on the client’s initial task.
    In case of a project management contract, we agree upon a management fee based on the principle of transparent invoicing of the entire design and construction process with full responsibility.

Steel frames structures

We have been active in the manufacture of steel structures since 1996.

Today, we are a leading company in the industry in Estonia. We are EN 1090 certified to produce structures conforming up to execution class EXC3.

AS Maru Metall areas of activity

  • Structural constructions
  • Mechanical engineering structures
  • Designing of steel structures

Installation of buildings

Maru THM OÜ is an Estonian-based business entity ( 10377059) that was established in 1998, and mainly active in the area of assembling construction components. Since 2006, the company has been a subsidiary of Maru Ehitus AS.

Its team consists of thoroughly trained professionals with vast working experience

Maru THM areas of activity

  • Installation of mountable steel components and frameworks for industrial facilities, office buildings and warehouses
  • Installation of mountable reinforced concrete components
  • Installation of profiled sheet metal
  • Installation of mountable sandwich-type light panels
  • Installation of sheet metal finishing fillets

Concrete Works

OÜ Maru Betoonitööd (commercial registry code 12051926) was established in 2011 as a subsidiary of Maru Ehitus.

The major fields of activities of Maru Betoonitööd are construction of reinforced concrete structures: formwork, reinforcement and concrete casting and assembly and joint casting of reinforced concrete elements using the company’s own labour. The company’s team has over ten years of experience in erecting concrete structures in industrial and trade buildings, apartment and office buildings, energy structures, infrastructure sites, water storage and cleaning tanks and reservoirs in Estonia, Finland and Latvia.

OÜ Maru Betoonitööd areas of activity

  • foundations
  • formwork, reinforcement and concrete casting of cast-in-situ constructions: walls, ceilings, posts and staircases
  • assembly work of reinforced concrete elements, including joint casting
  • construction of concrete floors

Building Design

Maru Ehitus AS civil engineering department was created in year 2000.

We started with project documentation for the building sites and shop drawings for the manufacturers. Since 2006 we provide our services in civil engineering as a general contractor as well as a sub-contractor. Our primary engineering objectives are residential-, industrial- and public buildings.

AS Maru Ehitus areas of activity

  • development of a conceptual design based on a business plan;
  • general design and project management of design, architectural design;
  • design of timber, concrete, steel and masonry structures;
  • preparation of renovation projects and expert opinion;
  • compilation of detailed planning;
  • design of water and sewage systems;
  • preparation of production drawings for construction elements.

Container solutions

MDSC Systems OÜ is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds of Special Purpose Containers and Camp Solutions for military, rescue, medicine and industrial direction.

We started our activities as a part of Maru Metall AS, since 2015 we operate independently under the name MDSC Systems OÜ.

MDSC Systems OÜ areas of activity

  • ISO 10´ and 20´ solutions based on shipping containers;
  • ISO 10´ and 20´ 3in1 expandable special purpose containers;
  • ISO 20´ modular containers;
  • Expandable special purpose light weight trailers.

PVC halls

PVC hangar is the most common type of an uninsulated warehouse. We offer standard, as well as custom designed warehouses. Based on the client’s wish we have also designed a rhomb-shaped warehouse (AS Malmerk, on Valdeku street in Tallinn).

We recommend practical PVC hangars with cranes for our clients.

Maru AS areas of activity

  • Warehouse hangars
  • Sports hangars
  • Logistics centres
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Production hangars with cranes
  • Hybrid hangars and custom solutions
  • Designing
  • Installation