Areas of activity

Structural constructions

We have been active in the manufacture of steel structures since 1996.

Today, we are a leading company in the industry in Estonia. We are EN 1090 certified to produce structures conforming up to execution class EXC3.

No project is too small or too large for us. We are specialised in the production of load-bearing construction frames. The largest single project is the 5,000-tonne factory building frame. Our annual production capacity reaches up to 8,000 tonnes per year.

Our main production:

  • columns
  • beams
  • HQ beams
  • welded profiles
  • roof girders
  • spatial trusses and frames
  • crane tracks
  • platforms for industries

Mechanical engineering structures

Mechanical steel structures account for about 30% of our production volume.

We are focused on the production of larger machinery frames. However, we also produce smaller structures in medium-size or large batches.

Our main production:

  • equipment base frames
  • conveyor carcasses
  • modular devices carcasses
  • harbour ramps
  • support structures for furnaces
  • crane beams

Designing of steel structures

We can design our steel structures from the very first stage.

The design is carried out by our in-house designers who are highly experienced in the field of steel structures. Their experience allows us to identify and address the specifics in the design and manufacture of steel structures, in order to offer our customers the best solutions possible.

We carry out the following design work:

  • strength calculations of steel structures
  • development of element connections and strength analysis
  • model-based design by using Tekla Structures software
  • workshop drawings

Work is carried out by Maru Metall AS

Maru Metall AS

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