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Apartment House Project Solitude Park (Riga)


Jana Endzelina 32, Riga, Latvia

Apartment house is located in Riga Zolitūde district, near Riga International Airport.

Property type: Apartment

Plot size 7 274 sqm, net area of the apartments 2 583 sqm. Apartment house has 5 storeys with two entrances and 40 apartments. Also 14 garage spaces and storage rooms for every apartment are available in the basement.

Additional information:

Veiko Taevere
Project Manager of Real Estate Development
T: +372 657 5882
M: +372 503 3058

Work is carried out by Maru Ehitus AS

Maru Ehitus AS

Järvevana tee 5
10132 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 657 5850
Fax: +372 657 5851