Maru Metall has an EPD certificate

We are glad to announce that Maru Metall is the first load-bearing steel structures manufacturer in Estonia with registered Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

The EPD certificate reflects information on the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle, from the mining of the materials to the finished product, it’s use and end of life.

The need for the certificate has arisen during the last year due to Scandinavian customers and procurements, where the existence of an EPD certificate is required. This is connected to the European Union’s goal of being climate-neutral in it’s economic activities by 2050. In this regard, the environmental declaration directives will come into force already in Norway and Sweden in 2022, in Finland 2024.

This certificate is a good starting point for continuing to be a competitive steel structures manufacturer in foreign markets and to keep up with the changes.

The published document is also available in the RTS register: