Warehouse Building for Ecobirch

PVC hangar 2400 m2

PVC Hangars

AS Maru Metall produced several PVC hangars which were installed in Sweden. The dimensions of the hangars were: 40x40x6,5 1pc; 37x66x6 1pc; 35x40x6,5 2pcs.

PVC Hangar 40x120x11m

AS Maru Metall produced a huge PVC Hangar with dimensions 40x120x11m for export to Sweden.

PVC Hall 25x40x7m

AS Maru Metall produced a PVC Hangar to export to Sweden (dimensions 25x40x7m and 22 tons). The PVC Hangar will be used as a swimming pool.

PVC Hangar 50x100m

PVC Hangars 40x130x6,5m

Muotopeite PVC Hangar

Muotopeite OY

Purutuli PVC Hangar

Combiwood PVC Hangar

PVC Hangar for NSS Sverige

Warehouse for Osula Graanul Pellet Plant